Comment on Your Boyfriend’s Photo

Sharing photos on social media is the common denominator of many people. It is quite easy to come across photos shared on social media, either individually or as a community, after meals, places visited. On the other hand, it can be difficult to comment under the photos of boyfriends. If you are undecided about what you want to write under the photos of your boyfriends, you can read our article named comment on your boyfriend’s photo.

Comment on the photo of your intimate boyfriend

It is useful to be comfortable when commenting on your boyfriends with whom your friendship is sincere and quite warm. Your positive or negative comments will be approved by your friend. The comment on the photo of the boyfriend with whom you have close relations can be as follows

I held the cigarette to the screen and it burned on its own.

Do we need to wear steel vests?

Is your mother a bee, she made a child like honey

You are shooting

Brother, you said you changed your number, but you are still number 10.

You are not a parliament but a lot of ministers.

The owner of the place has arrived, let’s disperse slowly.

I wish the bullets were increased so that you could not shoot anymore.

You’ve been great.

My smartphone screen cracked.

You are like hot water, you flow and burn.

You’re faster than sound, a little slower than light.

Do we need to wear steel vests?

Are you a sniper, I must have been shot in the heart.

It caught fire.

Did you fall from heaven, what a beauty.

I thought a meteor landed on my homepage, it turned out it was you.

Call security, because no one is safe anymore.

We just told you to throw a photo, you threw a stone.

The whole place is on fire again, who will deal with putting it out now?

History will judge you with beauty.

Comment on the photo of your boyfriend you don’t know very much

It is useful to be careful when commenting under the photos of your boyfriends who are quite far from you. Being very cold or hot in your comments can change the way your friend treats you. The comment on the photo of the boyfriend with whom you have long relations can be as follows.

You look great

Your outfit suits you so well.

You’ve become more handsome since you’ve seen it.

You look so charisma in the photo.

A jacket can only look so good on a person.

An amazing photo.

You look so nice.

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