Funny Cake Posts ? Articles to be Written on Cakes

Birthdays are special days that almost all of us cannot give up. Even buying a cake and celebrating it on our own birthday or on the birthday of our loved ones can bring us joy and happiness. In order to add more fun to the birthdays we celebrate with our loved ones, funny and entertaining texts can be written on the cakes. With these articles, you can have the following texts printed on the birthday cakes in order to have a nice and enjoyable day by adding a different pleasure to the birthday entertainment.

Why were you born, you put us in trouble.
You ate our life, eat this too.
Cake today, halvah tomorrow.
Blow without spitting, we’ll eat too.
Smash your old age, congratulate your new age, happy birthday.
Every person is a star, you are like a pole star alone but strong.
Happy birthday, I wish you weren’t born.
Happy birthday… Keep this message, don’t spend the next year.
I loved you and free lessons. Today is your birthday, happy birthday.
Oh dear! Are you old? Don’t worry, you’re the sweetest old man I’ve ever met. Happy Birthday.
You haven’t aged, you’re old cake Happy Birthday.
It happened, it happened, happy birthday.
Wishing you a life as warm as the sun, as clear as a snowflake, as pure and clean as rain, with plenty of money as in IMF. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, keep this cake and don’t spend the next year.
Good job bro. I am so lucky to have a friend like you. Happy birthday to you.
Ages full of life, take care of a little hair.
Apple juice orange, goodbye on your birthday.

You can write different texts on the cake to add fun to the surprises you will make for your loved ones. You can create a fun environment by writing articles about your friends and loved ones, funny articles, funny events and writing on cakes.

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