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Hard Funny Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

To have fun with your boyfriend, you can ask him some questions.
You can ask your boyfriend fun and funny questions to spend time and create a friendly atmosphere. I have prepared a list of hard funny questions to ask your boyfriend for you. You may find some of the questions funny and some of them weird.

Isn’t the goal to have fun with your boyfriend? to chat with him? How about asking him the following questions? I think you should think about it and start asking your boyfriend some funny questions to say to the boyfriend.

  • What would you do if you had the chance to disappear for a day?
  • Have you ever been in a cat fight?
  • What would you do if a genie turned you into a woman for a day?
  • Can you quickly say Quizzical, kiss me quick, or spell Scrumdiddlyumptious?
  • What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever witnessed?
  • How would you react if you saw Hugh Jackman without clothes?
  • Would you jump into a pool full of anything?
  • If you were stuck in an elevator and only had to listen to one song, which song would you choose?
  • If you had a superpower, which superpower would you choose?
  • Can you message me so we can spam with emojis or call so we can hear each other’s laughter?
  • What is your most disgusting habit?
  • Is there anything you’ve tried but won’t try again?
  • Which side of the toilet paper should face the holder?
  • What if I told you I still love stuffed animals?
  • Do you want me to make funny noises?
  • What scandalous crime would you commit if you were a villain?
  • How would you react if a woman offered you a drink?
  • What weird piercing would you get if you had to?
  • Which dessert describes you better and why?
  • If you had to explain your job role in a funny way, how would you do it?
  • How would you react if I dressed as a man?
  • How do you think you will cope in a zombie apocalypse?
  • If I were your favorite pizza, what sauce would you put on me?
  • If you could only smell like food for the rest of your life, how would you like to smell?
  • Which cartoon character would you like to be in your next life?
  • If you had two liters of any beverage, what would you drink?
  • Can you let someone know if something is stuck between your teeth?
  • If you had to shave your head, would you wear a hat, wig, or go bald?
  • If you were stopped for speeding, what would you say to justify yourself?
  • If you could fart the tune of any song, what tune would you fart to?
  • What would you do if you were in a toilet cubicle and couldn’t find toilet paper?
  • Have you ever been attracted to a pizza delivery boy?
  • What was your most creative dream?
  • Which month of the year would you like to subtract?
  • If your hometown was a food, what would it be?
  • If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
  • What superpower would you bestow on the entire world, and what would happen to the world if that happened?
  • Which famous movie would you change the ending of if you had the chance?
  • If you could only wear this for the rest of your life, what color would you choose?
  • What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received but had to keep?
  • Name a scary non-prohibited object that you can bring on a plane.
  • Which animal do you believe is not yet extinct?
  • What would you do if you bought a private jet from someone you don’t know?
  • If you had to develop a new dance move, what would you name it?
  • What improvements would you make to your wardrobe if you were given $25,000 for this purpose alone?
  • What would you do if you woke up one day and found that everyone had disappeared without a trace?
  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on a phone?
  • Whose email do you want to spy on without their knowledge?
  • If you could only wear one dress for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • What would you do if you fell in love with someone from the Internet and found out that he was an artificial intelligence man who was scientifically created, escaped and is now living on the Internet?
  • What would you do if the world stopped spinning for an hour and you were the only one who could move?
  • What do you hide but want others to see?
  • Which alien creature would have the greatest impact on earth?
  • What would life be like if you had male and female twins?
  • If ethics weren’t an issue, what scientific experiment would you do if you were a mad scientist?

Questions Ask to Your Boyfriend


1. What kind of holidays do you like?

2. Favorite city?

3. What is the best advice you have ever received in your life?

4. What makes a relationship ‘absolutely impossible’ for you?

5. What was the best year of your life?

6. What do you find attractive in a woman?

7. Do you have a compliment you used to receive that you really liked?

8. When was the last time you did someone a favor?


Funny Questions to Ask


1. Have you ever broken up with a girl for an odd reason?

2. What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?

3. Do you think you can have a girlfriend with a guy?

4. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve bought?

5. How many girls have you kissed?

6. How many girls did you buy flowers for?

7. Do you see palmistry?

8. Let’s say an animal is going to eat you, which animal would be the worst if it ate?

9. Have you ever kissed in the sea?

10. Are you skating/skating?

11. Are you interested in a combat sport?

12. Do you like popcorn?

13. If you were a woman for a day, what would you do?

14. What were you like in high school?

15. Were you naughty before?

16. If you were born at any other time, when would you like to be born?

17. Have you ever played ‘dare or truth’? What was the best ‘courage’ you’ve ever done?

18. Is there a role-playing game you want to do with me?

19. Did you have any weird habits you had as a kid?

20. Have you ever spilled Coke on someone’s hair? Did you chew gum?

21. Favorite cartoon?

22. Your favorite hamburger?

23. If you could have a superpower, what would you choose? (Invisibility, being able to fly, being very strong, etc.)

24. Your first memory of childhood?

25. Weirdest thing you ate as a kid?

26. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

27. Are you adventurous?

28. Have you ever taught a girl how to kiss?

29. What is your favorite place/place where you want to hang out with your girlfriend?

30. What do you love most in life?

Romantic Questions to Ask your Boyfriend to Make Him Laugh


1. What did you think when you first saw me?

2. Have you ever been in love?

3. Who was your first love?

4. How was your first kiss?

5. Which is more important in a relationship—the emotional or the physical?

6. What is the most important feature you look for in your lover?

7. What was the first thing you noticed about me?

8. What is the sexiest outfit your girlfriend can wear?

9. Would you move to another city with your girlfriend?

10. What was the craziest thing you did to impress someone?

11. Do you believe in love at first sight?

12. What do you like most about dating a girl?

13. Do you believe in destiny?


Ques to Ask BF


1. If you could go back in your life and do things differently, what would you do differently?

2. Is there anything you are tired of hearing?

3. Is there an event that has made you the ‘you’ you are now?

4. Can you make your dreams come true?

5. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning?

6. Do you think money can buy happiness?

7. Do you have any plans for the future?

8. Do you think that when someone cheats on you, that relationship will get better again?

9. How old would you like to live?

10. Do you think love really exists?


Relationship Questions Fun

What is the one song that can always get you out of a bad mood?

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

Which celebrity are you sure to become your best friend if you meet them?

What’s the longest you’ve spent without sleep?

Can you tell us about your ideal holiday?

What is it that scares you?

What annoys you the most?

What is a superpower you would hate to have?

What is wrong with something you misunderstood as a child and only later realized?

What would you change your name to if you had to?

Which color do you identify with the most?

What do you think about astrology and horoscopes?

If you were in charge, what holiday would you create?

Are you embarrassed to admit which fast food place you love?

What was the weirdest thing you did as a kid?

What’s the funniest saying you’ve ever heard wrong?

What would you include in a time capsule?

What sports team would you rename and what would you rename it to?

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