How long does the serum last?

Serum is one of the most important applications used in the treatment of many diseases. It is the most important method used in therapeutic and especially in emergency interventions like medicine. When you go to the emergency departments of hospitals for any health problem, they apply serum to you according to the condition and size of the disease. When these serums are finished, your treatment in the emergency will be completed and you will be discharged to consult a specialist doctor about your health problem.

One of the things that all the patients who come to the emergency departments of the hospitals and are treated with serum at that moment and the relatives waiting next to the patient are wondering how long the serum will last. Although there is no clear time zone, there are approximate times for this.

The serums applied for therapeutic purposes in hospitals are in different sizes. The size of serum to be applied to the patient is a decision to be made by the treating physician. While a small serum is sufficient for some patients, for some patients, even overlapping applications can be made from large serums. And how long the treatment process with serum will take depends primarily on what size serum is inserted.

The drip rates of the serums are also important for how long it will take to end. In order for the treatment to continue effectively, there is a drip rate set by the nurses, which is the most ideal speed for an effective treatment.

How long does the small serum last?

Small serums contain a liquid between 100/150 ml. And according to the dripping time set by the nurses according to the condition of the disease, it takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to finish this size serum.
How long does it take to finish the large serum?

The large size serum contains 500 ml of liquid. Again, a drip rate is adjusted according to the existing disease. Depending on this speed, large serums are finished in 2 to 3 hours.

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