How To Get Revenge On Ex Girlfriend – 5 Methods

Even hearing the word revenge can put an evil smile on your face. Do you want to get revenge on  ex girlfriend? First of all, let’s face it, revenge is not dumping a can of paint on your girlfriend’s car. No; Forget about tearing your clothes off and listen to our sensible suggestions.”

1- Look perfect!

You feel bad, but don’t take it out on yourself by eating packets of chips or spending a whole day in bed without moving because your greed can come back to you as an extra pound and dozens of pimples. The sweetest revenge is to see what your lover has lost.

2- Flirt!

Do not embark on a road of no return by saying, “Since he has left me, I will marry someone else so that he will see his day”. Making serious decisions just to get revenge will hurt you, not your ex. Instead, having small flirtations will teach him the necessary lesson.

3- Turn off your social networks!

Since technology has entered our lives, the course of separations and revenge has also changed. Unfortunately, ex-lovers or spouses frequently use the internet as a means of reckoning. Posting intimate photos of your ex-spouse is one of these ways. However, it should not be forgotten that; No matter how great your anger is, making such a mistake can cost you dearly. This situation falls within the scope of “personal crime” and leads to an unpleasant road that leads to the judiciary.


The important thing is that your ex hasn’t heard from you. Take a look at how many social network subscriptions you have. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace… As you can see, he has many sources where he can get news from you. Your messages that smell of separation and sadness may cause him to enjoy rather than hurt. Cut off all contact with social dating sites, even for a short time. Not hearing from you, not knowing where your life is going will drive him crazy. You may be sighing at home looking at your old pictures, but he doesn’t need to know that, let him go crazy with curiosity.


4- Don’t care!

Ignoring your ex is the best revenge. Try to appear indifferent. Let’s say you met at a house party. Don’t ruin your night trying to get his attention. If you have to talk, keep the conversation short. Avoid extreme behavior. Laughing to make your ex jealous will not work and will make you look weird.

Check your cell phone from time to time if no one is accompanying you, and smile as if you are texting with someone. Acting like nothing happened between you will make him feel worthless. Isn’t that our goal anyway?

And the most beautiful revenge formula..!


5- Forget it!

It is difficult to completely remove someone you love from your life. We know you hurt, which of us didn’t? But thinking about it all the time will hurt you. Read new books, watch movies, spend time with friends and family, sign up for the dance class you’ve been wanting to go to for a long time. In short, try to feel good about yourself.

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