Pinpoint red dots on the body

Many people complain of red dot formations as small as the needle tip that occur on the body skin. These small red dots, which are not a nuisance to be afraid of, can occur due to many reasons. If you suffer from the nightmare of red dots on the body, it would be useful to take a look at our article.

Why do red dots like pinheads occur on the body?

Small red spots can usually be seen on the back, face, legs, arms, elbows, armpits and genital areas on the body. In general, these spots, which pass in a short period of 1-2 weeks, may also be permanent in some cases. Extreme heat is one of the leading causes of red dots as red as a needle tip on the body. It is known that these points, which increase and multiply with the summer season, appear due to the heat.

Moreover, these points can occur due to the fact that some foods taken into the body cause allergies. The fabrics of the clothes worn and the cosmetic products used are also the main factors in the formation of small red dots.

Do pinpoint red dots on the body indicate thrombocytopenia?

Disorders such as low platelet count in the blood, platelet metabolism disorder, and blood clotting can cause red dots as red spots in the body. In such cases, it is also beneficial to consult a doctor immediately.

How to get red dots as red as a needle tip on the body?

Pay attention to the types of clothes worn.
Take care that the cleaning products you use during the shower are natural.
Try not to stay in extremely hot environments as much as you can in the summer.
Pay attention to whether the edible foods cause allergies in the body, follow diets.
Try your best to keep the body pores from closing.

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