Romantic Quotes For a Girlfriend

You have a girlfriend and you want to impress her and say nice words to her? Check out the list of romantic quotes for a girlfriend. In its content, you can find a sentence that will conquer your girlfriend’s heart. Delight your loved ones with beautiful words


  • My dear, from which poem did you escape, the middle of my heart?
  • There is no mother accident in women without you.
  • When I was with you, my heart passed out, and when I loved, my life.
  • I swear you’re fine, gladly received.
  • Whenever the subject comes up from you, I can’t bear to close it.
  • You are the rhyme that even the most beautiful poems can’t form.
  • You are my first poem, my first fight, you are my 17 years old.
  • Forget about death, tell me if my shroud will smell you?
  • The most modern undead I love you after you.

  • Detecting the cure for my problem. I need the amen of a prayer.
  • I loved. Because when I hug myself, I drink like a home.
  • You are God’s gift to me. I love you at home.
  • It’s you, it’s not your intention. Such a chest-pounding…
  • Yar, I caused my integrity, bless you!


  • It’s freezing here without you. Lack of awareness is a climate name nowadays…
  • You are the most beautiful thing between my mind and food.Y
  • You are the earthly answers to my prayer of conversion to your return.
  • If they didn’t say longing for the sinking here and the sinking here, I would stab them.
  • Just because it’s bad when you name it, anonymous, without permission, I love you from my heart.
  • It’s so beautiful, that’s enough.
  • If we are to repeat it again in a place one day, let’s meet everyone and love again.
  • Love like Tahir, I’m sorry for not coming first.
  • not with you in education! Don’t come back and forth… Come to me, in enthusiasm!
  • You memorize what I need to see.


  • A smile, one day, you okay okay okay it’s about to end.
  • As long as I get around the tongue; a live curse, a song that goes away.
  • Were all the cartoons in love with you that you were in every poem, in the tune I listened to.
  • It will be what you say. It happens that I do not burn from afar.
  • I carry a shy heart from the night. I’m in love with you, I can’t tell if I die…
  • Sometimes it’s just putting two words of love together. You in the classroom… You run out of breath.


  • Don’t you look at me like nobody else, but I didn’t look at you the way I look at you.
  • It’s just another day without you. I can’t handle it. Let’s not call it a “day”.
  • You’re always coming, you see, you don’t have anywhere else to go. Ozdemir Asaf
  • If your name is my surname, my left side is yours for Allah until the hereafter.
  • You are the most passionate love of repentance, which I watch tirelessly.
  • I love you with the innocence of a child that you give to the sea for the first time. It was like I was drowning.


  • O Lord of my soul! How many days have I lost after you?
  • Love and fire one always ends. As a result, they both burn the ground.
  • Love is not to breathe the skin, it is to make the soul. To imprison the heart in the heart, not the body in the body.
  • You are not my wish when the star is falling, you are my prayer while the azan is being trained.
  • Rain outside, longing for my heart, you for my mind. If only you knew how.
  • I didn’t know when I loved you so much. The light that illuminates my night, illuminates my day.
  • I saw a lot of leftists next to “LEFT”, which is not the old version of this past.


  • Love, love a lot, even if it hurts in the end. Gently enter my heart, let my heart break!
  • Good night boredom. More than the goodness of the night, the thought of being grew in me.
  • You laughed, I drank another sip of tea. How would I explain, it’s not what’s inside of me.
  • You need gel right now. Come, does not matter if you’re life or death.
  • It is enough to miss a person for a test, a city, a voice, a breath. One you is enough for the test…

Impressive romantic words with short or long meanings for your lover

  • Not with my eyes, you are the blind in my heart. I can’t figure it out, you are my life.
    Another night of sadness and you again… And again you know? The sadness of ignorance is also beautiful.
  • A friend that you admire in a close place like you. Here’s the gel to my life, my life, your life.
    It even sweetens my pain. You are the elixir that has been rubbed into the whole of your pen, which has been left to destruction.
  • A word to the word that I attribute a meaning to. Without you, I will remain without time, I will be useless.
  • I am with you with him, you are my lucky path. I will walk to the stars with you, my dear, my dear.


  • Before you I was lacking… Like unsweetened tea… Then you came, sugar the tea, you became a medicine for my heart, welcome. Glad you came, stay with me always..
  • .I will cry out of my mouth, I would not speak if you were a word, I would cry out of my eyes, I am ruined, I will not take you anywhere…
  • You will survive the sun in the most pitch dark, nightlife that is, you are vital and always the only reason for my love.


  • You fell like a cemre falling in the spring, your heart is like a forty-pink, my dreams that fall like rain, then your flower is always in the pit, dear.
  • I will send my soul to your door, my heart to your hands, my soul to practice, my sleep to eat, my kisses to your lips! And I swear I will love you until I die!
  • On misty mornings, a firing squad passes you by the hoarfrost. So much so that I loved it.
  • Send your name a morning close to the land so that it may rise, put your heart close to mine

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