Teacher Student Love Movies

It is a great truth that love knows no obstacles, no matter how wrong it is and perceived as taboo in the world of society and academia. The struggles and the obstacles that arise in such love relationships have been the subject of many films. That’s why we’ve created a list of teacher-student love movies for you.

Teacher Student Love Movies, Blossom Again

The film, which tells about the love between a teacher and a student of a teacher in a private school in his 30s in South Korea, also presents the viewers how dangerous this relationship can be. The love branching between a teacher named Kim and a student named Lee grows day by day. Both are worried about this relationship.

Wild Things

A teacher starts to have problems with his student because of his love affair with his student. The student she fell in love with later blames him and things start to get messy. In the lawsuit filed against the teacher, the truth will come to light. A movie that deals with the subject of teacher-student love movies can be a good option.

To Sir With Love

The movie, which is quite old among teacher-student love movies, can be a great option for you. The film, in which you will watch both sides of the teacher and student love relations, will give you a pleasant viewing pleasure.

A Teacher

Diana Watts is a literature teacher at Westerbrook High School in the United States. She started to make her life even more difficult due to the problems she had with her mother. This confusion of Diana’s will cause her to sail into a wrong love in a wrong place.

Diana, who is in love with her student named Eric, is unaware of what will happen to her. Although they know that the teacher and student love relationship they live in at school will bring great trouble to them, they continue in their bilateral relations. Later, Diana decides to end the relationship, thinking that this relationship will put an end to her teaching career. This decision will create different relationship perspectives between the two. The movie named “A teacher” is a great option among teacher-student love movies.


Louise Harrington works on the faculty of fine arts at a university. Louise is a very beautiful, intelligent and attractive woman. A young student, Scott, who suddenly appears over time, is enough to turn Louise’s head. The reason why Louise is deeply in love with this young student is her high school boyfriend. Scott is extremely similar to Louise’s former high school sweetheart. The romantic relationship between the two is the kind you want to watch. Among the teacher-student love movies, the movie P.S is waiting for you.


At school, as the high school class presidential election approaches, Tracy is certain to win. There is no follow up against him. But their teacher, Jim, has other plans for this election. While executing these plans, events become complicated and a chain of events erupts. Election is one of the best teacher-student romance movies.

Wonder Boys

Professor Graddy teaches creative writing at the university. Graddy, who has many novels in addition to working as an academician at the university, did not smile in his love life. His past loves have either left him or cheated on him. Let alone his love life, Graddy, who has achieved success in his literary life, wants to finish the novel he started to write. Meanwhile, he begins to fall in love with his student Hannah Green. If you’re looking for a teacher-student love movie that’s great to watch, this is the movie for you.

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