Tips Of Home Decoration – 10 Tips for Decorating

It is necessary to pay attention to the tricks for beautiful home decors. Beauty is hidden in the tricks. We will list  for Tips Of Home Decoration. You can beautify your home decor by reading our article.

The row you will follow in your home decoration shopping should be in the form of sofa sets, furniture, carpets, curtains and accessories.

Use Corner Sofas in Small Living Rooms

In home decoration, it is important to know the dimensions of the room first. A different decoration plan should be made in large and small rooms. A product that you like very much may be small or large in your room.
Using a corner sofa set in small living rooms will allow you to save space and make the living room look spacious.

Making a Needs List Makes Your Job Easier

Before you go shopping, determining the furniture locations, deciding what kind of products you want and a needs list will provide you with great convenience during shopping.

Attention should be paid to the harmony of color tones and leg structures in furniture

We recommend that you pay attention to the harmony of color tones and foot structures when choosing a TV unit, dining table, chair, console and coffee table.

Choosing Wall Paint in Small Rooms

While using dark wall and floor colors in large spaces does not create an uncomfortable atmosphere, the same thing makes the room look smaller and suffocating in small rooms.
Beige – brown and gray – white color drops should be preferred in small rooms. Only one wall to be determined can be colored by painting with pastel color tones.


Natural Stone Application on Walls

The TV unit will be placed in the living room, natural stone or 3D panel application can be made on the walls behind the headboard in the bedroom.

Carpet and Curtain Color Matching

Your carpet should be chosen in color tones that will be compatible with the curtain. In addition, carpets with a weight of white color on a dark floor and a dark color on a light floor will look very stylish.

Carpet and Cushion Color Matching

It is important for color harmony to use pillows in color tones for your carpet.
In the image below, we see that the coloring is done with a mustard yellow carpet, pillows and a light green armchair.
Gray sofa set, mustard yellow carpet, throw pillows and decoration using light green wing chair; It can be completed with a background curtain in gray & anthracite color tones.

Harness the Power of Lighting

The way to create a different atmosphere in the space is through lighting. Suspension, chandelier, floor lamp, sconce, lampshade and spot lighting can be used together in different corners of the room.

Complete the Decoration with Decorative Accessories

Decorative accessories have many benefits in providing color harmony in the space. It is the most preferred trick of decoration. Only the accessories can be changed in the place.
Example video where you can see 5 different bedroom decorations made by changing only the accessories. You can use the subtitle option while watching. Coloring the Kitchen with Pastel Color

Chairs and Cabinet Doors

Coloring can be done with colored chairs and cabinet doors in the kitchen. Using colored patterned ceramics can add vitality and movement.

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