What are the names of saving the mother to the phone?

Save Mom to Phone names

There is no doubt that our most valuable assets in this life are our mothers. After dial-up phones and push-button phones, each of us now has a smartphone in our pockets. In the past, phone numbers were recorded in large directories or notebooks. Now, thousands or even millions of people can fit in the memory of phones. Contacts saved in the phone book make our life easier when we want to make a call. Knowing the phone numbers of hundreds of people by heart is not an easy situation. In this context, the names of Save the Mother to the Phone may differ for everyone. While some can save their mother as only my mother in the phone book, others can save them under different names. In this article, we will talk about interesting and different names about the names of saving the mother to the phone.

How Can I Save My Mom To The Phone?

During the process of saving contacts to the memory of smart phones, letters and numbers can be used. If you wish, you can register your mother in your phone’s phone book with the names below.

My mother
my mother
attention mom
Ministry of the Interior or Minister of the Interior
my peace
My heart
my star
Queen bee
main honey
Whose mother is this
My Queen
my mother
My heart
My dear mother
My angel
My precious
Dear mum
my birth
my father’s
My precious
Prime minister
Minister of Interior
my butterfly
My ladybug
My Garden of Eden
My Queen Mother
Rice pudding ­čÖé
Queen bee
my chocolate


In fact, how you lose your mother to your phone is a little bit related to your creativity. If you want, you can record your mother on your phone with the names we recommend above, in a way that you can remember well and in a remarkable way. In addition, it is possible to benefit from symbols and numbers in the process of saving names to the directory.

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