What color goes on dark brown hair

Hair and their colors are very important for women. The changes made to the hair, which is one of the most beautiful accessories of women, reveal how much image they have and their style. While many women hesitate to change their hair color, some women can be very brave about it. On the other hand, it is very difficult to fix the color and reach the desired color on the hair dyed in light and dark tones.

It is a matter of expertise, especially for women who dye their own hair at home, what color they can use on which dye. If you do not want to get support from a hairdresser for this, you can search for hair dyeing on online sites. If you have a dark brown hair color and you want to dye your hair, you can find the alternatives. If you’re wondering what color goes on dark brown hair, let’s give you some tips.

If you have a dark brown hair tone, you can apply all brown tones on this hair with peace of mind. However, since your hair tone is dark, you will not be able to achieve the desired performance in light browns in the first dyeing. For a dark hair tone, the same or darker applications will give results in the first dyeing. For this, you can apply dark auburn, chestnut, hot chocolate, eggplant purple and red colors for those who are wondering what color goes on dark brown hair.

Does it hold light tones on dark brown?

If you have dark hair tones and you are tired of this darkness, you will prefer lighter and warmer tones. However, this will of course not be such an easy process. Because it is not possible to turn from dark brown tones to light tones with a single paint. Since dark tones will absorb light dyes, your hair will still remain dark no matter how light you dye it. If you say which color will suit dark brown hair, you should know that tones equal to or darker than this darkness will hold. If you want lighter tones than dark brown, you should first lighten your hair.

Those who say what color will hold on dark brown hair, can I dye it with light tones, should first open their hair and save it from darkness. It is much easier to paint and stick the color you want on the opened hair.

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