What does lo on the scale mean?

Electronic scales are in our lives. Anyone who has a weight problem or takes care of their form has an electronic scale, that is, a scale at home. It is important that these scales, which we use every day or at certain intervals and that we use constantly, weigh our weight correctly. In models that work electronically, if there is an error with the scale, it will give you some warnings on the screen showing your weight value. You should know that these warnings are the most and take precautions accordingly, otherwise you cannot make a healthy weight control.

There is an article that people who regularly control their weight frequently come across on scales and are curious about. The question of what the word lo means on the scale is a subject that many people do not know and research.

If you have seen the word lo on the screen of your scale that you use constantly, it means that your scale has a low battery level. Your scale, whose battery is dead or about to run out, gives you a sign with the text lo on its screen. However, if you replace it with a new battery, your scale will be ready for healthy measurement again.

Changing the battery on the scale

Your scale, whose battery is dead or about to run out, gives you a warning with the text lo. When you receive this warning, you should replace the existing battery of your scale and replace it with a new battery with the same characteristics. When you do this, you can only be sure that your scale is now working properly. Otherwise, there are some warnings that a scale with a low battery may not weigh correctly.

You should pay attention to some details when changing the battery of your scale. First of all, which volt battery your scale is working with, you should use the new battery at the same volt. And you should pay attention to the terminals when installing the battery. If you place the terminals incorrectly, your scale will not work.

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